i).An Accountant by profession prior to becoming to an accredited and certified IP Valuer by MYIPO. ii).Apart from evaluating Intangible Assets particularly, Intellectual Property and Business/Enterprise Value of an organisation; he is also involved in providing supports to various public organisations and agencies in the areas of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA), Good Regulatory Practice (GRP), Guidance on Intangible Assets Valuation , ESG Sustainability (Environmental, Social & Governance) Initiatives and Frameworks and other policies and strategies. iii). Other Expertise include the following areas: • Financial & Strategic and Planning • Tax matters • Risk management • Budget Development & Management • Merger & Acquisition • Business Investment Appraisal


i).Engaged by an organization listed on NASDAQ to conduct a valuation on a Patent belonging to an incubatee for the purpose of an out-right purchase ii).Engaged by a company to value its patent for the purpose of listing exercise on NASDAQ iii).Engaged by several listed companies on BURSA Malaysia to value their IPR for the following purposes : a). To assess whether their Intangible Assets are subject to amortisation by assessing the Recovery Amount of the said Intangible Assets against their Carrying Amount, b). Merger & acquisition , C).Other purposes iv). Elected by an ECF(Equity Crowdfunding)platform to evaluate the intellectual property and business/enterprise values of its applicants for the purpose of raising funds v). Has conducted over a few hundred cases in the valuation of IP and EV(Business) belonging to GLCs and Government Agencies, Organisations, Institutions, SMEs and as well as Universities(both Public and Private) for various purposes