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Intellectual property like any other asset class, has a value and it’s rights can be bought, sold and used as collateral to raise capital or funds. Using IP assets to gain access to credit is gaining prominence globally and an increasing number of lenders and financial institutions are beginning to provide credit on the back of qualified IP assets either partially or fully collateralised by these IP.

The Malaysian government has launched a financing scheme using IP as collateral called IP Financing Scheme (IPFS) especially for SMEs to provide them easier access to credit through their IP assets. The fund is administered by Malaysia Debt Venture (MDV) with a fund size of RM200 million. To know more about the scheme, click here or visit MDV’s website at www.mdv.com.my.

The IP financing scheme introduced by the government is part of the overall initiatives to improve and strengthen the IP ecosystem spearheaded by MyIPO. The IP submitted by qualified applicants for the IPFS were valued by MyIPO under its IP valuation programme.