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The IP valuer training initiative was introduced to address one of the key components of building a sustainable and vibrant IP ecosystem by ensuring the availability of competent and qualified local IP valuers to undertake and provide IP valuation services to support the Government’s effort to enable SMEs to further expand their businesses by using Intellectual Property (IP) rights to obtain financing.

MyIPO in collaboration with the World Trade Institute (WTI), University of Berne, Switzerland and foreign IP experts, have designed a comprehensive IP Valuation training module. The modules were designed to ensure that the training and competency assessment can be delivered locally in Malaysia and executed in a systematic, methodical and effective manner.
Since the inception of the training programme in February 2013, the programme have graduated and produced a pool of capable and qualified IP valuers from diverse background and expertise ranging from legal, finance, technology and business. MyIPO is continuing its effort in developing and enhancing competency in the field of IP valuation and is working towards making IP valuation services affordable and easily accessible to businesses and financiers in realising the goal of enabling businesses and individuals to unlock the commercial value of their knowledge and intangible assets beyond the traditional use of IP as a protective business strategy.
To find out more about the contents of the training programme, please proceed to IP Valuer Training Modules.
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IP valuation is a process to determine the monetary value of the particular IP, be it a trade mark, a patent or a copyrighted work. IP valuation is relevant for a myriad of reasons – M&As, IP portfolio rationalisation and assessments, tax planning, transfer pricing, monetising IP including licensing and franchising, joint ventures (JV), sale and purchase of business or IP asset, technology transfer, collateral in financing or IP-backed securitisation, litigation or liquidation.

MyIPO firmly believes that having a proper IP Valuation Model and a holistic infrastructure to develop a sustainable and healthy IP Ecosystem would augur well for Malaysia’s series of catalysts for national transformation, and has taken the lead to engage various key stakeholders including regulators, financial institutions and businesses in developing an IP valuation model which provides the much needed clarity and standards for various stakeholders and key players to implement. The result is the IP Valuation Model (IPVM) which has been launched and introduced to the market in November 2013.