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This invention is designed to capture the kinetic energy of the wind and convert it into kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass. This conversion is to be done as efficiently as possible under a wide range of windspeeds and under variable wind conditions. Furthermore, this device is designed to maximize the kinetic energy of the rotating mass through mechanical means being controlled programatically using real time sensor data as input criteria. The final discriminator of this design is the selective harvest of the kinetic energy of the rotating mass through its conversion to electrical power through electromagnetic means being controlled programatically using real time sensor data as input criteria. The novel features provide solutions to some of the common problems with horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT) type devices. The fact that a vertical axis design means that installation may be accomplished without the use of tall towers and is more amenable to urban structures. A patented feature of my device employs a coaxially oriented windshield that is coupled to a passive directional control surface that allows near instantaneous tracking of wind direction, even in the most variable and gusty conditions. The design has an integral control system that takes real time sensor data, such as wind speed as well as the device's rotational velocity and using this data mechanically alters the device's moment of inertia, allowing for optimal kinetic energy storage for a given wind speed. This control feature also helps ensure that forces exerted upon the driving sails are kept within acceptable tolerances. Another control feature of the device is the variable field coil current to the electromagnetic generator which allows operation at wind speeds up to the survival limit in excess of 100 mph. In addition to the electrical control of field current to the generator there is a mechanical safety feature whereby the windshield surface is extended around to envelope the driving sails so that they are shielded from the wind stream entirely when wind speeds exceed safe limits. Although the design is scalable to serve the community wind market the capital outlay for engineering and prototyping is best utilized by providing products to serve the small  Model68b 010 Model68b 011Wind Turbinewind market initially.
Individual inventor
24 - July - 2014
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